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We are a family owned and operated outfit.  We had the idea to share our beautiful trail riding and wine tasting adventures that we all enjoy so much with the rest of the world.  A family from Norwegian descendants the name “VIN HESTEN” means “Wine & Horses” in Norwegian; this is a perfect name because these are the things that we enjoy and want to share with you.

Saving Horses

We work with Whispering Meadows Ranch, one of Southern California’s largest Thoroughbred Retirement facilities.  They rescue horses that need a job after their racing career has ended and what a better way to help their cause than to share these Majestic animals with our clients.  All of our horses are rescues so by choosing us, you are helping save horses.  We have a very wide verity of horses, all of which are available for adoption if you ride one that you really like and you just might get to enjoy your ride on a famous ex-race horse.https://whisperingmeadowsranch.comshapeimage_1_link_0
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