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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect?
Upon arrival our ranch will be full of activity with lessons, horse care, ranch maintenance and spectators.
All sales are final, no refunds.  Vin Hesten Passports are good for trail adventures only.
Follow the signs that say "Parking". Our guides will be there to greet you.
EACH rider will need to sign a Release of Liability upon arrival, they will be located next to our information board in our staging area, please take one, sign it and connect it to the clip board with your payment information, voucher, or gift voucher.
Before mounting up you will receive some safety instruction and other information to make sure that your ride is safe and enjoyable.
Helmets are available for everyone but are only required for riders under the age of 18.  If you want a helmet, please ask a guide before you mount up.
Our guides will perfectly pair you up with one of our trustee steeds and help you mount up, then make necessary adjustments to your equipment before we get started.
You and your group will receive a riding lesson to assure that you can safely control your horse through obstacles that may be encountered during your adventure.
Once everyone is ready, your adventure will begin.  Please make sure to voice any concerns that you have to your guide at anytime.  There is no shame in feeling insecure and asking for help.  Remember this is all about fun and being safe.
During the ride your guides will stop at some great photo locations and take pictures so you can have these memories forever.  We carry our own cameras so you don’t have to bring any expensive equipment with if you don’t want to.  In fact, we discourage it.
Safety for you and our horses is at the heart of our program; therefore, we ride in small groups, no more than 6 riders and only limited rides per day.
Our trail horses range from beginner/kid horses to intermediate for those who have riding experience.  This is a WALK ride only, sorry, no exceptions.
You will be guided through a variance of horse trails, fire roads and even through some sand washes, elevation changes and hollowly forest.
Your total Adventure time is about two hours including your lesson, trail time and breaks that we will take during your adventure.
Upon returning to the ranch, a guide will help you off your horse, and presented with your wine tasting vouchers (if included in your package) at which time you are free to head on out and continue your day at some of our local wineries or fine dining establishments here in Temecula.  
Gratuity for your guides is appreciated, they work hard to present you with a fantastic adventure and keep you safe.  Could you imagine riding without them?

What do I need to bring?
Hats, glasses, sunscreen and any protection from the weather conditions are not provided so please bring these things with you if you like. 
Closed toe shoes are a must, low heal boots are preferred but tennis shoes are acceptable.  Sorry, but riding in sandals is not allowed.
Long pants are required, jeans are suggested and are best to keep your legs protected from fences and any vegetation that might rub against you.  Sorry no skirts, shorts or dresses are allowed.
Special rewards are given to those who “Check In” at your favorite Social Media site during your ride.  If you are checked in, be sure to tell your guide.
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