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  • Semi Private Riding Lessons

Riding Lessons

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Kids Lesson Under 6 years old
Adult Lesson Over 6

Learn Horseback Riding in Temecula, CA With Vin Hesten!

Vin Hesten’s Fundamentals of Horsemanship Riding Lessons will teach you from the ground up how to groom and  care for your horse, use appropriate equipment, ground work, nutrition, and safety. We’ll also, of course, teach you  the horse riding skills that are necessary to become an advanced rider as well as a responsible horse owner or even a competition horseback rider. These lessons are semi-private — our trainers work one-on-one with you or your children to help them learn these invaluable skills. Our lessons are also a great way for entertainers and stuntmen to improve their resume or prepare you for an upcoming part. Of course, we are open to the general public as well so this is a great way for all horse enthusiasts to begin their training.